Madison Avenue - Dont Call Me Baby

Madison Avenue - Dont Call Me Baby

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Дата добавления: 2016-11-21

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Текст песни Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby

You and me, we have an opportunity
And we, could make it something really cool
But you, you think Im not that kind of girl
Im here to tell ya baby I know how to rock your world

Dont think that Im not strong
Im the one to take you on
Dont underestimate me boy Ill make you sorry you were born
You dont know me
The way you really should
You sure misunderstood

Dont call me baby
You got some nerve and baby thatll never do
You know I dont belong to you
Its time you knew Im not your baby
I belong to me so dont call me baby

Behind my smile is my IQ
I must admit this does not sit with the likes of you
Youre really sweet
Mmm, youre really nice
But didnt mama ever tell ya not to play with fire


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